YI Technology Announces Strategic Partnership with Go10 in Europe

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YI Technology Announces Strategic Partnership with Go10 in Europe


YI Technology and Go10 are pleased to announce they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining Go10’s industry-leading services with YI Technology’s global scale strategy-led enterprise for the most advanced smart security devices and cloud services.

SUNNYVALE, CA  (Aug 1, 2019) — YI Technology (YI), a global provider of advanced, intelligent imaging technologies and products, today announced a strategic partnership with Go10, the leading distributor for consumer electronics in Europe. This global strategic partnership will enable European customers to access YI’s products more effectively.

YI Technology is well-known for its advanced data science, software design, cloud services, and smart-connected sensors built into its array of AI-based home security products and accessories under the brands YI & Kami.

YI Technology and Go10 are thrilled to announce a partnership to support customers in the UK and European regions. As the leading distributor of consumer electronics, Go10 is trusted by a wide range of major brands to support their operation across the European market.

Through this partnership, YI Technology strives to build a stronger retail solution for our loyal customers in the UK and Europe. YI is passionately dedicated to and humbled by, the mission to make the most sophisticated smart security solutions accessible for everyone, globally.

“I am excited to be working with YI Technology. It is a brand which is at the forefront of technology and innovation, customer-centric and offers true value for money”. Said Richard Purssglove, Managing Director of Go10.

YI Technology has democratized home security by making it accessible, practical and affordable without compromising on quality or world-class features. Their devices boast real-time video and audio, superior image quality and a robust cloud platform. YI is continuously delivering cutting-edge solutions and proving to be a game-changer in the home security camera industry.

“We are overwhelmed by the trust of Go10, to be selected as a new strategic partner within their portfolio. This cooperation enables us to give our products a wider reach in the UK market, to help end customers to satisfy their needs on home security and a closer connection to their loved ones.” Said Ilja von Eigen, European Region Sales Director of YI Technology. “End users will shortly be able to access our reliable, best value for the money and easy-to-use products at selected retail channels.”

The collaboration represents a step change in the way both businesses address the needs of the market. It is a powerful combination that will ultimately be a major benefit for the end-consumers in the EU region.

About YI Technology

YI Technology is the leading international provider of advanced, intelligent imaging technologies, products, services, and platforms. With several decades of combined experience in imaging technology, algorithms, data analysis, cloud computing, and mobile applications, the worldwide development team consists of industry-leading experts from the US, China, Japan, Israel, and Europe. YI is inspired by a bold vision of a future powered by widespread and intelligent video technology, where smart cameras and computer vision will enrich people’s lives.

For more information visit www.yitechnology.com or www.kamihome.com.

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About Go10

Go10 have a selection of own brand and manufacturer branded consumer products, suitable for a variety of retail channels including mass merchants, department stores, electrical, gift & gadget, mail order, pharmacy & verticals. Go10 operate multi-channel sales, with in-house marketing, design, app development, and tech support.

For more information contact: info@go10.co.uk

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