YI Technology Launches the Kami Outdoor Security Camera

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August 20, 2019
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August 20, 2019

YI Technology Launches the Kami Outdoor Security Camera


The Kami Outdoor Camera offers AI-powered security with 1080P HD resolution to view every detail at night and customized setup for Activity Zone monitoring from your smartphone.

SUNNYVALE, CA (August 15, 2019) YI Technology, Inc. (YI), a global provider of advanced, intelligent imaging technologies and products, announced today its newest addition to the affordable Kami Home product line. The Kami Outdoor Security Camera produces superior quality, colorful images day or night, rain or shine, and is equipped with many advanced security features to keep the outside of the home just as safe as the inside. All Kami smart security devices are fully GDPR compliant and rely on our Silicon Valley-based server.

The Kami Outdoor Security Camera is an excellent addition to our Kami home product line and a game-changer within the category,” said Sean Da, CEO and founder of YI Technology. “Working in tandem with our wire-free outdoor camera and indoor products, the Kami Outdoor Security Camera is easy to set up and gives consumers full control of the security for their entire property.” 

The Kami Outdoor Security Camera

The Kami Outdoor Security Camera is weather-resistant and has received an IP-65 rating. Its wide operating temperature range (between 14°F to 122°F) means it can withstand wind, rain, dust and other environmental elements to provide reliable security in all kinds of weather. The integrated Starlight night vision technology produces high-resolution, colorful images at night and during low lighting times, ensuring users have access to well lit, high-quality video footage when monitoring their homes.

This affordable camera comes equipped with YI Technology’s AI-based smart human detection with Edge-computing capability, allowing the homeowner to receive instant alerts without connecting to the cloud.  This security feature is able to differentiate between a real person, thus eliminating “false positives” often caused by flying insects, pets or light. When the camera detects abnormal sounds within 16-feet of its location, it will send an alert to the user’s mobile device to notify the homeowner. The camera also offers a sufficient deterrent siren and two-way audio.

With the Activity Zone feature, the homeowner can highlight a specific area in their camera’s view to receive or ignore motion and sound alerts. The camera’s Activity Zone is fully adjustable at any time directly from the Kami Home App. Now, homeowners can safely monitor their property and control their alert notifications.

The smart cloud search function features smart human recognition technology that makes it easy to locate and view footage directly through the Kami Home App. The fast forward function allows users to quickly search through their footage, in addition to time-lapse capabilities. All Kami smart security camera customers enjoy the complimentary benefit of lifetime 7-day rolling cloud services. 

While an outdoor camera is more vulnerable to theft and damage, Kami Cloud stores all the user’s footage on the cloud, keeping it safe and available even if the unfortunate occurs. Flexible cloud subscriptions are also available.

Click here for the Kami Outdoor Security Camera’s Amazon.com listing.

About YI Technology:

YI Technology is the leading international provider of advanced, intelligent imaging technologies, products, services, and platforms. With several decades of combined experience in imaging technology, algorithms, data analysis, cloud computing, and mobile applications, the worldwide development team consists of industry-leading experts from the US, China, Japan, Israel, and Europe. YI is inspired by a bold vision of a future powered by widespread and intelligent video technology, where smart cameras and computer vision will enrich people’s lives. 

For more information visit www.yitechnology.com or www.kamihome.com.

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