Our commitment to data security

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January 6, 2020
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February 20, 2020

Our commitment to data security

Here at YI Technology, we design, develop and manufacture intelligent video and imaging solutions using advanced technologies to solve real problems and we are determined to keep our customers safe. We value our customers’ security and privacy and pride ourselves on following the strictest security guidelines to keep your personal information safe and secure.

We’ve ensured that our servers around the world (US, EU, and SEA) have dedicated servers for fast and reliable service as well as meeting the security standards and guidelines of each region. Our servers use the same 128bit end-to-end encryption used in the financial industry to keep unwanted eyes from getting a glance at your data.
We understand that your data should be as secure as Fort Knox. YI Technology promises to not sell or share your data with anyone, it’s yours and we plan to keep it that way! 

However, customers have a wide spectrum of needs, and we’ve made sure we provide our customers with all the tools, services, and options they need to create their tailor-made security solution.

Our privacy options don’t stop at software, we also offer hardware solutions. – That’s why our latest indoor cameras’ feature “Privacy Mode”. Privacy Mode hides the camera’s lens and gives you the power to decide when your camera can see you.
Additionally users can set unique pins for each camera they own ensuring that only those with the code have access to that camera.

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